Miranda’s Story

Miranda Faith Foundation for Children


Miranda Faith Kunda was born on November 16, 1998. She was a precious angel from the very beginning. With a beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes, she could take your breath away at a glance. As she grew, God gave her a contagious laugh and the longest, thickest, dark-brown curls you would ever see. Miranda had a love for Jesus that only an innocent child could have. Mark 10:14-15.
When Miranda was 5 years old she was at a church conference with her parents. She wanted to play on the playground, but every afternoon when there was free time a thunderstorm would come up and she would not be able to go outside. On the 3rd day of this, she saw the storm-cloud coming and told her mother she wanted to pray that it would not rain so that she could go outside and play. She went over by the large window and prayed to Jesus. She came back to where her mom was and told her, “Jesus just told me something you’re not going to like.” Her mother asked her what Jesus had said to her. Miranda said, “He told me I am going to be with Him soon.”

 Less than one month later, Miranda was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease call Auto-Immune Hepatitis.  About 2 weeks after her diagnosis she underwent a liver biopsy to find out the extent of damage already caused by the disease. Doctors discovered she had severe cirrhosis of the liver. Miranda’s liver looked like one that would belong to a seventy-year-old alcoholic.
Miranda went to Kindergarten with her normal cheerful attitude, despite her illness. She did have pain in her stomach by this time, but she would simply ask her dad to pray for her everyday when she was dropped off at school. Miranda’s Kindergarten teacher told them she always had a cheerful smile and she was very compassionate towards other children. The teacher said Miranda was kind to everyone, including one little girl who did not always come to school smelling very good. The teacher said some of the other children did not want anything to do with this little girl, but Miranda met her at the door with a hug every morning.
In first grade, the children were allowed to bring snacks to school. Miranda noticed some of the children did not have snacks at snack time. She told her parents she wanted to make sure that all the kids had a snack. She wanted to buy snacks for everyone and bring them to school. Miranda was adamant that her parents go that very day to purchase snacks because she did not want kids to go without a snack one more day.

One night when Miranda was 7 years old, her parents decided she was old enough to understand the concept of foster care. They wanted to participate in being foster parents, but wanted Miranda’s input before going forward with bringing other children into the home. Her mom sat down with Miranda and began to tell her about foster care and asked her what she thought about it. Miranda said, “That’s fine, as long as we get a girl, because we need more girls in the house than boys.”  Her mother replied, “Okay, but if we get a girl and she happens to be your size, she will probably want to borrow your clothes.”  Miranda said, “That’s fine.”  Her mother said, “even if she’s not your size she will want to play with your toys.”  Miranda said, “That’s okay, too.”  Her mother said, “Whether it’s a boy or a girl they are going to want and need your mom and dad’s time and attention.”  She looked at her mother with the most serious, sincere eyes and said, “MOM, if they need it, I will share it”.
Miranda’s parents were reading daily devotions with her. She had noticed that lots of adults would underline verses or make notes in their Bibles. She wanted to know if it was okay if she wrote in her Bible. Her parents told her to only write in hers if the verse was very important to her, because they did not want the whole Bible marked up to the point to where she would not be able to read it. She marked one verse that she said was her favorite verse in the whole Bible. When she passed away, her parents looked through her Bible and found that it was the only verse she ever underlined. It was John 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.”
On January 6, 2006, Miranda went to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was during this time that her parents began to establish a foundation in memory of her. What meant the most to Miranda were Jesus and other people. While going through Miranda’s artwork, they found a picture that became the determining factor for it to be a foundation to help children in need. They saw through her life how she loved and cared for other children and the art work said, “I have a dream that people will have a Bible and money.”

Thus, the Miranda Faith Foundation for Children was formed.  It is by the foundation that her legacy will be carried on, and prayerfully, as John 15:16 says, Miranda’s “fruit will last.”  Each person who receives anything from the foundation will also receive a Bible.  God promises His Word will not return void. The Miranda Faith Foundation wants to be sure all people have access to His Word.